Zoophiles alert.

Welcome to all Googlers desiring to see pictures of animals doing it. Alas, we went to the zoo on the hottest day of the summer, and we were lucky to get them to wake up, let along making the beast with two backs.

I went with my old University buddy, Iris, her hubby Paul and son Simon. (Iris will kill me, but let me tell you an amusing anecdote about Simon's conception, who I called, "My favourite apostle and chipmunk" upon learning his name. Iris & Paul desperately wanted to carry on the family name and spent about 40,000$ at various Birthing Clinics throughout Ontario to no avail. Nothing seemed to work and even my offer as donour was rejected. Finally they went to an acupuncturist who performed his pin-cushion magic and she was impregnated shortly thereafter. I put in my two yen worth and stated, "Apparently it took 100 pricks when just one wouldn't suffice.)

Anyway, back to the zoo...
These guys were all over the place, Canada Gooses/Geese are better known as カナダがん (kanada gan.)
Not just a glorified petting zoo, rabbit is うさぎ (usagi.)
Just kidding around. A baby goat is 子やぎ (ko-yagi.)
Now some real zoo animals such as the mandrill or マンドリル.
Tigers are known as 虎・とら (tora).
Elephants are called 象 (zou).
Hanging out at the ol' watering hole.
Poo of elephantine proportions.
Hippos are known as かば (kaba.)
I saw this giraffe when he was just born about 10 years ago, giraffe = キリン (kirin, not the beer or the mythical beast.)
Look who's not laughing now, hyena is ハイエナ (hai-ay-na, not hai-ee-na.)
These Silverback Gorillas are called ごりら.
Sigh, rhinos are known as さい (sai.)
Red River pigs or bush pigs are 豚・ぶた (buta.)
Ostriches are known as ダチョウ, (dacho.)
Some recently hatched ostrich chicks, (子ダチョウ).
I could go for an Emu-burger about now; Emu = イミュー (ee-myu.)
This purty bird is called a Violet Touraco すみれトラコ (sumire-torako)
Mmmm, bring on the stuffing.
It's nigh impossible to find turkey in Japan outside of Christmas time when you may be able to find a leg for sale. Turkey = 七面鳥 (shichi-menchou), curiously shichimenchou has an alternate meaning as grafting animal parts onto tools!
Butterflies are known as ちょう (chou, or kids call them チョウチョウ, chou-chou)
Can you find Nemo amongst these chiclids? (I guess the Japanese would be チクリド. Mmmm, chiclets.)
It's Skippy! (I heard that when filming his exploits, close-ups of his legs hopping were done with two dismembered limbs on poles!) Kangaroo = カンガルー.
The Nile monitor lizard would be known as: ナイル大蜥蜴, (nairu-ootakage.)
And finally, this escapee from Lost is a bi-polar bear or 白くま (shiro-kuma or white bear, how original.)

I hope you enjoyed today's Japanese lesson about animals.

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