Some Sizzling Snapshots.

It started off slow with a dozen guys and no ladies in sight, then a couple of my gal-pals came in and that started a trend. By the end of the night we had about 45 women compared to 30 or so guys!

The lass on the left, Hiroko, was an old flame of mine, though there was nary a spark and any fire between us has long been extinguished. Sigh.
Her friend, Yuko, works part-time at レイン (re-in) across from Shaft as a Hostess. She's invited me over, but I don't have the money (or stamina) to go.
Fumika here has developed a crush on me for some reason.
We have a date on Tuesday, but I don't expect anything to come of it
A former student of Mokugohan with Fumika.
An Amazonian friend of VJ Nori who stands head & shoulders above me.
A last minute squeeze before Shaft closes.
Miki over at ERNIE'S at around 5:00am.
Just so you don't think I was the only one getting any action, here is DJ Mixture busting a move.

I can't wait until the next party...

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NORI said...

many cute girls :D
woo hooo!!


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