Spins a Web Any Size.

Catches mosquitoes just like flies. Years ago I read a John Wyndham book entitled Web that had an unsurprisingly クモの巣 (kumo no su or spiderweb) theme. There was also a TV-movie called "Kingdom of the Spiders" with William Shatner that was pretty good in a cheesy way. See also Tarantula, Arachnophobia, Eight-Legged Freaks (Japanese title: Spider Panic), etc. All these flicks came to mind when I read this article. When I was a youth, I had aspirations to be an Entomologist until I realized that there was too much studying involved.

When I was unemployed in the 90's, my brother and I made a proposal to a Government-sponsored Entrepreneurial Enterprise scheme to start up our own business called "GoodBugs". We would grow & sell bugs, such as ladybugs, to aphid-hating tree-huggers. Unfortunately, the proposal was rejected and I'm pretty sure someone else has stolen the idea. (Buggers!)

I'll just have to make do with this weekends "Superhero School Festival" to get my arachnid fix. (mmmm. Gummi-Spideys!)

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