Good News is No News.

As of tomorrow, I'll be flying back to Canada and soon be freezing in my igloo while sipping on Maple Syrup. Consequently, I'll be unable to give you any fresh news updates for awhile. Thus, you shall now be inundated with a few tidbits I find interesting.

First up is a certain Aberration in the election proceedings earlier this week. Mr. Abe was dealt a horrific defeat in Sunday's election and if 小沢一郎 (Ichiro Ozawa, current leader of the Democratic party) has anything to say about it, he won't be in power for long. He's not alone in wanting to oust Abe, for more than 50% of the populus also want him to take a hike. I want to see him hang around as long as possible, I love the scandals that get associated with him!

Ahh, the folly of youth. There's the story of the spurned youth who hacked the object of his affection to death and of the 17-year old who bludgeoned a 71-year old Photo Studio owner to death with a rice cooker in order to dispel his gloom. Then there's the 22-year old who drowned and dismembered his sister because of her condescending attitude.
I am so glad that only the Yakuza have guns in this country. That way normal everyday nutjobs have to get creative in their murderous acts.

I haven't mentioned the Sex Slaves Scandal for a while, so it's fortunate that the US loves to poke its nose into the affairs of other countries. They have now passed a resolution insisting that Japan apologize for its involvement in the coercion. I don't want to sound unsympathetic, but hasn't this issue gone on long enough? Say your noncommittal "Sorry" and lets get on with a new scandal.

But I'll leave you on a happy note and tell you all about the ネコのひげ,
neko no hige or Cat's Whiskers.

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