The Simpsons are going to Japan.

I'd love to show the episode where they actually do go to Japan, but here is the next best thing. When I first got here, I saw huge billboards in the Tokyo Subway for CC Lemon, starring the Simpsons. So of course I jumped on the bandwagon and bought whatever crap they sold along with the drink. I have coasters and stickers and I managed to win one Marge-headed drink holder.

Here are the commercials in all their glory, my only concern is that Homer says Duu instead of Doh!


Boy Wonder said...

That's fantastic!! But, you're right; Homer saying "Duh" instead of "D'oh!" is weird. They've even shaved a millisecond off the pronunciation. Bloody Japanese. Why do they have to make things more efficient?!!

Anonymous said...

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