CARNAC: Alienated.
ED McMAHON: Alienated?
(Carnac rips the envelope open and removes the card,)
CARNAC (reading): What happened to the Predator at dinnertime.

I picked up a box set of Alien-Predator Annihilation Collection for a belated birthday present yesterday. So far, I've watched Alien, Aliens and am about to watch Alien Cubed. I'll give a review of all the movies once I finish.

Here's what I got for about 50 bucks (with discounts, coupons and triple-points for Gold HMV Members!) 4 Alien movies, 2 Predator flicks and an AVP in a pear tree.

On New Year's Day, it'll be slightly cheaper to see a movie, so I'll be off to see AVP2. Can't wait!

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