The Best of Mytwoyenworth For 2007.

I understand that there's a Blogger tradition to go through your past years' posts and choose your favourites. Who am I to buck tradition?

From January 25/07 was my post on National Gorilla Day. Unfortunately, the widow of Don Martin has insisted that this day be no longer "National Gorilla Suit Day" be celebrated no longer. Thus, this'll be the last time I mention it in this blog.

I'll cheat a little because I like two posts from Feb/07. The first being scans of my school pictures. Damn I'm cute. Since tomorrow is New Year's Day, at school last Friday, I spent the day writing 年賀状 or (nengajo=New Year's Cards). So this post on happy-chinese-new-year-but-because.html">Chinese New Year is sort of appropriate for today. We're gonna be in The Year of the Rat from now on, so stock up on mousetraps.

I was really a busy blogger last March (lots of free time & no students makes Jack anything but dull, boy) with lots of posts. I wrote ad nauseum about my University life and Curtain Call, but Gidget Goes to Guelph had to be my favourite.

This Penis Parade Post was pretty funny and this Yamato post was fairly informative but for the cutest post of last April, you'd have to go with this one on Kaede!

We all get a week off in May, so I had lots of posts during Golden Week. The most impressive would have to be my spelunking expidition.

There was slim pickings to choose from for last June, so let's indulge in the madness of Cucumber Pepsi!

I went to a lot of concerts last July, including Monkey Majik but for me at my nerdiest, you'd have to admit that Powerpuff Girls Z is pushing the otaku envelope too far. Because YouTube are so anal about removing videos, half of my videos are defunct, including one for PPGZ and all my Monkey Majik ones. Bastards!

I'm a bit of an idiot, so somehow, I managed to delete all the scanned entries for my Wizard of Oz post. When I have time, I'll try and re-submit them. So it looks like I'll go with this entry on the Toronto Zoo that I visited last August.

September includes the awesome Atomu, the magnificent Michiko, another trip to magical Matsushima, amazing Animal Treasure Island and some Spiderman silliness.

2007 had some awesome Echophonyk parties and October had some interesting Halloween posts. Put the two together and you get Echo-Halloween!

We're getting into fairly recent history, so just check out my trips to Yamagata or Tokyo.

And that brings us to this past month. I had a lot of Santa gigs this year, so just scroll back and check them out. But while I have you here, lets revisit my post on Santa Comics.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your next year will be as awesome as my last year was. This here photo was sent to me from Notorious Nori who is spending the holiday with his family in Aomori. I don't know how he wrote it in the snow without leaving any tracks. I suspect aliens!

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NORI said...

Happy New year!!!
2008 will rock!!


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