It's Better To Give Than To Receive...

That's actually a bit of a crock. I like receiving, but I always end up giving and giving and giving. I know I don't have to, but I have so much crap and I need to get rid of my stuff. So, I give...and I rarely receive.

What did I receive?

I got a great shirt from DJ Mixture & I got a heart-shaped hand warmer from Yukiko.

I got an FF t-shirt (M-size) from a co-worker who was regifting it from a student's parent. (It's the thought that counts: in this case-I love it.)

Another co-worker gave me this lovely little basket with some Christmassy-items. I learned the hard way that the brown Snowmen/Santas are not in fact chocolates, but candles. I wish I'd checked them more carefully before I tried to take a bite out of one.

I gave each of my English department co-workers Christmas cds that I'd burned and printed. Two of either a Jazzy, Classical or Carols cd. Other than the above, I got diddley-squat (not that I was really expecting anything though.)

I got this rather odd little package from a friend of a friend that includes a lizard-like neck warmer, a banana pen and a Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" button. Very strange but worthwhile.

I got this cool Maneki-Neko Bobble-head card with 2 pairs of socks and some homemade cookies from the Hamatsuka family in Tokyo. (I just sent them the 3 Xmas cds today.)

I gave out about 180 little gift bags filled with candies that we'd put together for the Echophonyk, Ernie and Pirate party. I received several hugs and a few snogs, so that was a worthy investment.

I gave presents to Alex's family and I will be receiving a dvd later, but since they're broke, I wasn't expecting anything. Besides, they threw a kick-ass Christmas/Birthday party, I got to pig out on a chicken dinner and got a nice cake, too.

I also gave presents to a few drinking buddies who showed up including some naughty J-pop/anime lighters, Moomin or Gundam cups, an Argos towel and other goodies. As expected, I received nada. Unfortunately, the naughtiest anime lighter was left behind and later discovered by Alex's mother-in-law. She was not amused!

One of the owners of 305 gave me this nifty rubber pig.
When you throw it on the floor, it splats into a puddle and then reforms immediately. One of my favourite gifts.

After I gave out presents to each of the organizers at the Pirate after-party, the Captain guiltily gave me his cool pair of shades.

So apart from the terrific Atomu light, that's it! Thank goodness, I'm not materialistic!

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