Bobbing the Pony Tails.

My favourite indie band in Sendai has split up. The Pony Tails have decided to go their separate ways. Perhaps they'll all join other hair-related bands though I did get to see their farewell performance last week after my Bonenkai.

The group Dark End played earlier and they were nice in a Simon & Garfunkle meets Whitesnake way (Folk-Metal, hey, I've invented a new genre.) I also heard the Have Nots (great name but mediocre rockers) and Akari's favourites, the Violets.

I did get to listen to my lovely lady drummer, Yukie, belt out a tune in a Josephine Baker does anime voice. I liked it a lot and would like to hear more of her.

Afterwards, we all gathered at a restaurant and drank copious amounts of beer, ate lots of food and had a ball chitchatting. I love being the only foreign fly on the wall in these gatherings, half of them love me, the other half are cautious but in the end, I am unforgettable.

Akari, the ultimate organizer who got us all together in the first place.
The lead singer of the Swingin' Dotty Holes, who has a great set of lungs.
Yukie proudly displays a Snowman candle (that I regifted to her from the bonenkai.)
And a night on the town would not be complete without me making a new lady-friend, Nozomi. Some day I may even convince one of these friends to become more than that...

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