Has It Really Been Eight Years?

Last night, Shaft had its 8th Anniversary Party. Classically, the proper gift to be given for this celebration is Bronze and Pottery. A more contemporary 8th anniversary present has a theme of Lace and Linen. I brought nuthin! (Well, I brought cash for buying drinks and today am suffering for it.)

There was a pretty good Punk band and the DJ that they'd imported from Tokyo was 10 times better than the ones Echophonyk has recently wasted their money on. But it was a costly night, thank goodness for the discount by Dom. Blaise of Monkey Majik fame showed up as well and he's started his own blog. If you're into blogs about people stuffing their faces with yummy delectibles, it's worth a click.

I chatted up this woman who shared a similar interest in Jazz until I discovered that her husband is a Jazz musician. Trying to cut down on my diet of Married Chicks.

Here you'll see Mariko, Kei and Akemi. Kei & Mariko are organizing a charity event for December 23rd for which I'll be their Santa. We managed to rope several other Echo-people into helping out as well that night.

Akemi is the mother of one of Alex's former students. I finally met someone who is closer to my age, divorced and seemingly not F'ed up. Time will tell...

Finally, before I retire, this video pretty much sums up the way I've felt all day:

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