Santa-San Is Coming to Town.

'Tis a few weeks before Christmas and all through Sendai, there's a creature who's stirring, yes it's me as that guy.

Last week was a work-related 忘年会 (bonenkai or "forget the year gathering") where all the teachers gather for a meal, lots of booze and some general silliness. Most of the youngins get up and perform a skit, often involving cross-dressing but yours truly is above such ribaldry. Instead, I donned my red cap & beard and belted out a few tunes a cappella style.

This year I sang "Joy to the World" in Japanese, "Let it Snow" and, of course, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" much to the delight of the masses. It was a blast, but since I had another obligation, I didn't partake in any follow-up party with my co-workers. By chance at 3:00 in the morning, I did meet up with one rather inebriated fellow, but we went our separate ways.

On Sunday past, I helped out Aussie-Ando at his school out in the sticks in Ayashi. I again suited up to distribute presents to about 2 dozen of his students and to allow a photo-op for parents to snap their loved ones. Before that, I regaled them with "Rudolf" in Japanese and English and encouraged them to sing along (some actually did.)

Tomorrow, I will once again participate as Santa in the "Tohoku Canada - Japan Society" with Alex as my trusty sidekick, Treeboy. Then on the 21st I'm sure I'll be wearing the outfit again for our Echophonyk X-mas event, maybe once again on the 22nd at Ernies and definitely on the 23rd at Shaft for our Pirate Charity event.

More details to follow...


DJ MIXTURE said...

Nice photos Mr Santa!! Ho Ho Ho!

NORI said...

good job!!
looks like real Santa!


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