Avast there Mateys. Pirate-Santa is Afoot!

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me and thank goodness, I've caught a cold to prepare myself for it.

First up is Echophonyk Xmas on Friday, Dec 21st at Shaft. I'm sure Santa will make some kind of an appearance. Be sure to check out Echo's Podcast or Blog or Mixi site as well!

Then on the Saturday, the Snots will have a hockey game and then it's over to Ernie's Bar for his Xmas party, where I have again been recruited as Santa. If all goes according to plan, the anniversary of my birth will be celebrated as well (but I'm not going to hold my breath...it falls through every year!)

And on Sunday will be "Xmas of Pirate" at Shaft to raise donations of clothes and toys for a new home for abused and orphaned children. I will once again don my gay apparal as St. Nick to gather up the booty from the guests. (Instead of giving out presents, Pirate-Santa will be collecting them!) (Contact 022-393-6364 for details.)

I hope I come away unscathed, but after that our schools on a break, so I have lots of time to recuperate.

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