Naughty or Nice?

I can certifiably say that last night was a success. We had at least 93 guests, which is a pretty fair turnout. Yippee!

Santa made an appearance and had his belly stroked several times and not just for the bags of goodies. He even had his rooster teased by two different women named Aya. One disappeared when Santa skipped to the loo, the other continued flirting even when in the company of her very large boyfriend. Very Naughty!

Shaft's bartendress...very Nice.

Naughty and Nice (I'll let you decide which is which.)
Techno girl...fairly Naughty.
I don't remember this person, so I'll vote: Nice.
She's Nice, he's Naughty.
They were very friendly to Santa, so they get to be Nice.

More Santa shenanigans tonight at Ernie's!

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