You'd Better Watch Out.

Last night was another Santa gig for me, this time a prestigious one for the Tohoku Electric Friends of Canada (or something like that.) Thanks to the presence of Treeboy, we were a smash hit as always. (His daughter, Kaede, was a bigger hit though. She is SOOOO cute!)

It was a great buffet meal, though we didn't get to consume much of it. Some Canajun diplomat gave a 30 minute speech on the benefits of Canadian-Japanese relations. I suspect some of the guests wanted to listen, but boy was it dull. Since he took so long, we only had time for a plate and then had to head upstairs to change into our costumes. Oh, the trials & tribulations of the HoHoHo biz.

While giving out the prizes, Santa got a surprise present. Everyone shook the hand of Santa until one young lass gave me a big hug; I was shocked (yet relieved that it wasn't one of the geriatric tribe to engulf me.)

Treeboy & I were given some left-over presents as well. Last year, we got a bottle of wine, maple-chocolates, maple syrup and some other useful stuff.

This time, we got a Charcoal World "Suminouta" (炭の詩), which I guess is used for flower arranging.

An energy drink made from Kale (30 packages). I'll drink one and if I can choke it down, I'll keep them. Otherwise I'll inflict it on all my friends.

Finally, 10 little vials of Co-enzyme Q10, which my coworker tells me is a potion you drink to make your skin lovely.

Don't they know that a healthy Santa ruins the whole image? But hey, lots of crap for regifting this year.

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