Kringle Catch-up!

On December 22nd, I saw the Snots beat the Rabbits 11-3, had a quick drink with Akari at 305 before heading to the little shindig at Ernie's since he'd asked me to garb up and pass out goodies to his patrons.

Dave, Ernie and a Ho.

I showed up around 11, gave out some treats and they surprised me with a nice shirt and a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. Awwww.

We popped over to McDonalds for a meal (I got a Pokemon Happy Set) and en route back, in full Santa regale, I belted out "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" right in the middle of Kokubuncho, the entertainment capital of Sendai, much to the astonished looks of the drunken crowd.

I handed out a few more snacks and popped over to Suu's where I met a charming young lass named Asuka. (She needs a shave.)

Back to Ernie's to give out the last of the stocking stuffers and pose with a couple of amazons.

On my way to my bike, I treated the Hide & Seek crowd to a glance at St. Nick. I sure got my money's worth out of the costume that night.

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