Attack Bubble Gum!

It sort of sounds like Attack No. 1 and I came across this すっぱいプラム (suppai puramu = sour plum) gum from Morinaga. There were several different comic snippets on the wrappers and, I must say, quite a yummy candy.

For an earlier post on アタック No.1 and the opening theme click away.

But for a sexier live version of the theme, I serve you with this:

While I'm chatting about snacks, here's a Pocky update. I haven't opened this Marbelous version of
マーブルポッキー (Marble Pocky) yet, but it certainly looks scrumptious.

Furthermore, this カカオ bittersweet flavour marketed for Men is Cacao-chocolate, for we all know that only men would appreciate the bitter taste. For a profile of one of the spokespersons for this product, you can always check this out, though I question his manliness somewhat.

An appropriate tongue twister I coined for my students is, "For better batter, you'd better use bitter butter."

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