Has Spring Sprung?

I'm all for encouraging winter's expulsion (without prompting Global Warming of course) because it's frick'n cold in my apartment. But I think the marketing people are jumping the gun a bit. Here is a Kitkat with cherry blossoms adorning it. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't think it's Spring yet anywhere in Japan, so what's up with the さくら (sakura=cherry blossoms)? (All right, I stand corrected. If you click on that link, it'll give you a map of Japan with Cherry Blossom sites. Cherries start blooming in Okinawa in January. Go figure.)

Okay, enough of that. Let's talk about something more important, such as Echophonyk's 8th Anniversary on Saturday, which'll include this special guest, DJ Aron T from England. (Echophonyk has now become your center for balding DJs.) It'll be your chance to Sing "Happy Birthday" to DJ Mixture, Captain Canada (Rob) & Aussie Ando. I predict hijinx on a grand scale.

A few details...
(Echophonyk's 8th Anniversary Party at Shaft on January 19th, 2008)
□GUEST-LIST□ ¥1500 1 Drink
If you wanna get put on a guest list and party-partake for a lot cheaper, EMAIL to:
□DOOR□ ¥2500 1 drink
¥2000 1 drink (With Flyer!) You can print the flyer from this page for a discount!

To conclude, here is an amazing site scammed from the pages of writer Mark Evanier.
I don't think it's German, but it looks like some Scandinavian language. Just wait for it to download and then look at the screen. Pretty addictive! (Bonus: a purty picture of Cherry Blossom Potato Chips!)

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