Klonk! Pow! Thwack! Zwapp!

On January 12th, 1966 a young 8 year old Blogger named Michael Jones got his first whiff of action when the Batman TV show debuted. I was caught up in the antics bi-weekly after school for 3 years and was just starting to get some active hormones when Batgirl was introduced. Yowza! (Click on that link to hear her theme song!) BTW, I know that this picture is from the movie, so don't send me any nasty letters. I scanned it from the DVD.)

When I met Batman, in his disguise as the mild-mannered Adam West, he refused to do the Batusi for me but did agree to sign this photo, for a minimal fee of course.

Hey, did you notice that there's another team in that photo? This postcard that came with the Green Hornet DVD clearly shows who the star of that show is. "Bruce Lee in Green Hornet", who really cares about Van Williams, we all know that Kato is the one everyone came to see. Impossible to believe that Robin actually held his own against him on the TV show.

Unless you've been hibernating somewhere, you've undoubtedly heard that there is a new Dark Knight movie (a sequel to
バトマンビギンズ) coming. Here is the trailer for you...I am SO there!

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