Spanking the Monkey.

Last night was a raucous Echo anniversary party with former Echo DJs like Mark Saito and Kyo making an appearance and kick-ass sets by one and all (especially Echo-founder Mokugohan.)

I even liked Dita's set for a change, that girl is improving monthly.

J-Loop played a wicked set as always and lives up to his rep as coolest DJ ever.

I did not recognize this guy, Aron T, from the flyer. Now he has hair. Played a good set, but it was somewhat derivative of Mixture's mixes, I thought.

One high point (though to me it was a low point) was Ernie's appearance for he did his patented scat while birthday boy Mixture spun.
(A low point because he stole the mic from me and then completely upstaged me!)

As always, I cuddled up with some of the lovely lasses.

Michiko dropped by for the first time in ages, along with Ikuko whose name I finally remember.

A couple of Mokugohan's former students dropped by and, since they just turned 20, could attend legally.

Nori dug up three blondes. Where does he get these women? (By the way, check out his buddy's new hair salon & cafe.)

This one is from Texas. Amazing accent, but I suspect it's phony.

A blurry Mark poses for the camera. Great to see him again!

Lowest point for me was this caterwaul by some new techno/thrash/slash/trash DJ who just played utter crap, cleared the dance floor and caused my ears to bleed. I do hope he is not invited back!

Highest point was this incredibly ugly monkey-thing that was given to me by Mark & Yuko that they picked up in the States. It is just so hideous, I adore it! Here's to 8 more years!!

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