It's Dress-up Time.

Last night I attended a "Dress-up" Dance (sponsored by the Pirate people) that wasn't so much a dance as it was a gathering. Men wore suits or similar expensive garb and I started to get worried by the complete absence of the fairer sex. My worries were soon abated as several ladies entered dressed to kill in Kimono. Men still outnumbered the women by about 25-15, but I managed to chat up almost all of the lasses. Since yesterday was 成人式, a good come-on line was "Oh, did you celebrate "Coming of Age Day" today? This was unamimously met with a titter and occasionally a 胡麻する. (Goma suru is an expression similar to "ass-kissing" where one mimics the grinding of sesame seeds in their palm acknowledging that you're paying them a false compliment.)

Elvis dropped by, belted out a few tunes karaoke-style which provided the opportunity for dancing. VERY few people actually danced, yet it could've been the fact that 40 people were crowded into a small room. Still, of course, I tripped the light fantastic with a few ladies and was met with praise from each of my partners. Here's Elvis posing with my lady-friend, Akemi!

Akemi and I. Not a bad looking couple.

All in all, a fun time, good promotion for our next Echophonyk event (THIS SATURDAY) and I got to chat with some lovely ladies. (I love it when I'm the only foreigner in the place. Interested parties flock to me, disinterested parties shun me.)

Here are a few more pics for your perusal, forgive me if I can't recall who is whom.

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