The Killing Joke.

By now you must have heard of the death of Heath Ledger. My first thought upon reading this first thing this morning that they'll be one shy at the next LOTR reunion. Until I realized he wasn't in LOTR. I saw him in Brokeback Mountain, The Patriot, 10 Things I Like About You and A Knight's Tale but can't really blame him for those roles. I did like him in Brothers Grimm but that's about it. I know nothing else about him. I know he has a daughter and won't be there to help raise her and I can conjecture that he had a drug problem or was depressed but none of that matters. I do hope he kicks ass in the role of the Joker because right now I can't get that worked up about his loss.
(Damn, that was the most cynical thing I've written in a long time.)

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