How Swede It Is!

Congrats to the Canajun Junior Hockey team for winning their 4th straight Gold Medal by beating Sweden in overtime 3-2! Woo Hoo!! I won't bother scamming an internet pic for you, you can always observe the slideshow for yourself!

In other hockey news, the damn Leafs lost again in the final minutes of the game, regardless of coming back from a 2-0 deficit and outshooting the Flyers 56-32!

In some non-hockey related news, you can now enjoy a Podcast of DJ Mixture's drunken New Year's Eve Mix. If you skip forward to about minute 22, you can listen to me butcher "Auld Lang Syne"!

Speaking of DJ Mixture, you can come out and help celebrate his birthday and Echophonyk's 8th anniversary on January 19, 2008! It promises to be a blast! (ps. This picture is of special guest DJ Aron from England, adding to our follically-challenged roster of Echo DJs.)

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