To Coin a Phrase.

In my ongoing series of "Crap In My Room Found While Tidying", I now present my Coin Collection. I was a philatelist as a boy, a Comix aficionado throughout my life and a compulsive accumulator of various and sundry toys. BUT I've never really been much of a numismatist.

Until I came here, that is. Look what goodies I've acquired as premiums for Soda, Chocolate, Milk, etc.

We have here 2 of several Ultraman coins (Evil Tiga & Justice). They came with Mitsuya Cider yet I never quite acquired a taste for the fizzy drink, so surprisingly I stopped at two.

These Masked Rider discs can't really be considered coins, but they are shiny. I'm not certain as to what product they were a giveaway for.

Here are almost 30 different Pokemon Battle-coins that came with...I can't remember (maybe Cider as above, but could've been any soda!) I think I obtained these back in my Nova days in Tokyo and I got relatively few doubles (about a dozen.) If this is the same product, I have a small fortune on my hands.

These came in honour of 週刊少年サンデー or Weekly Shonen Sunday's 40th anniversary as a long-running Manga compilation magazine. I never really bought the mag, so I have no idea how I got these coins, but they are pretty cool. The only character I really recognize is Conan.

This guy is asking 500¥ a pop for these 千と千尋の神隠しコイン (Sento no Chihiro = Spirited Away) coins from Nestle. I think they came with a fairly expensive chocolate bar back when the movie came out, but I managed to get 9 different ones.

I couldn't find listings anywhere for these Gold coins, but I suspect they are pretty collectible too.

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I hadn't collected coins prior to this. Somewhere I picked up a Roger Clemens coin from 1998 celebrating his Cy Young award win. I suspect they were freebies given out at a Blue Jays game way back then.

Finally, I have 2 Eric Lindros coins from his Philadelphia Flyers era, circa 1997. I have NO idea where I got these.

More crap to post as my tidying continues...


Anonymous said...

those ultraman coins are awesome! i can't wait to go to japan and collect stuff like that! i'm a crazy junk collector!!

Michael Jones said...

You'd better be prepared to rent a second apartment for your acquired crap. My first one is almost full!


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