Top 10 Excuses Why the Leafs Got Shutout to Anaheim!

10. ...thought they were going to play against that Emilio Esteves team.
9. ...were upset that no Leaf was chosen by the fans to play in the All-Star Game.
8. ...Bertuzzi scares the shit out of me!
7. ...were upset that the SNOTS had poor officiating in last night's game!
6. ...Pronger kept taunting with the old "Hey, your shoelace is untied!" trick.
5. ...Toskala kept protecting his groin.
4. ...too much chitchat on the bench surrounding Sundin's trade talk.
3. ...Playoffs?...Shmayoffs! Who needs the extra stress?
2. ...too busy watching Canada's Women Under 18s team trounce Finland 17-0!
And the #1 excuse the Leafs gave for being Shutout against Anaheim:
The fans are right...WE SUCK!

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