And Justice For All!

I love this story about Serena Kozakura. A not so young (38) swimwear model was acquitted of breaking and entering into her ex-boyfriend's apartment and trashing the place. Because of her ample bosom, it was deemed unlikely that she could have crawled through the small hole into his place and cause the damage. If I may steal a line from the article, "If the bra doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

In other news, I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND A JOB! 2 promising leads have fallen through, so I've begun to expand my search throughout Japan. I'm willing to relocate to get a job in a Elementary/Junior/Senior High School, but I'd rather not leave Sendai if I have to work in an 英会話学校 (Eikaiwa or Conversation School) or in a 学習塾 (juku or Cram School.)

Wish me luck and if anyone has any advice, contact me!

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