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Today is 雛祭り (Hina Matsuri or the Doll Festival) and in honour of that, the Cartoon Network is showing back-to-back episodes of PowerPuff Girls and PowerPuff Girls Z. So far all of the episodes have featured Sedusa for some reason! If anyone embodies Girl's Day, it's her!

Yet in my humble opinion, no one better enCAPSulates the holiday than these living dolls, Pink Lady. ピンク・レディー were a Japanese female pop music duo of the late 1970s and early 1980s, featuring 根本美鶴代 (Mitsuyo Nemoto or "Mie") and 増田恵子 (Keiko Masuda or "Kei"). (This picture is from their Greatest Hits album, the only one I own so far.)

There's a terrific site from uber-fan Jeff that is worth checking out. Now this Jeff is different from THIS Jeff who co-starred with the gals in a short-lived and universally panned Variety show called Pink Lady & Jeff back in 1980. True gluttons for punishment can even buy the series! (Mie is on the left, Kei on the right.)

I don't have a bottle cap for the above Boogie Wonderland from the Pink Lady show, but I do have caps for the following hits:

#1 ペッパー軽侮 Pepper Keibu '79. I got these caps a few years back when I lived in Soma. This was their first big hit. (Best bit: Telling me "I love you!"...Your magazine rifle...Is killing me...Ah, ah! No chance to win)

#2 S.O.S. '76. (Chorus: S.O.S.! S.O.S.!...Listen, listen, somebody is calling for help...Today again somebody...A lady is in a pinch!)

#3 カルメン Carmen '77. (Best verse: Yes, I am Carmen!...Ah-, look like sexy, but not much!...Women are the species to...Change suddenly!...Next time...I'm surely gonna make you shake)

#4 渚のシンドバッド Nagisa no Sindbad '77. Notice the white bottom to this cap? It includes a soundbite from the song. These came as special rarity editions, I only got two of them. (Funny line: "I'll sneak in your room at dawn"...Hey, boy! You're going too far!)

#5 ウォンテド Wanted '77. Another soundbite edition plus the regular one. (Lovely S&M lyrics: If I find the son of a bitch...
It won't be a joke next time...I'll hold you in my arms...and torture you with my kisses

#6 UFO '77. Top seller. (First verse: Simply by putting hands together...and staring at each other...We can love and talk...Sweeter than kisses...Harder than whispers...You shake my heart)

#7 サウスポー Southpaw '78. I love the direct pronunciation: "Sa-oo-su-poa" (Cool opening line: Super player with...uniform No.1 is at bat...Lightly raising a leg...like a flamingo)

#8 モンスター Monster '78. This one is pretty scary. (Last verse: Monster! Ah...you are too gentle...Monster! You've gotten hurt too much, haven't you?...Monster! Lovely my baby...Monster! Have a sweet dream...Monster has come...Monster has come!)

#9 透明人間 Tomei Ningen '78. This similarly spooky song is about the Invisible Man! (Shock....Shock....Ah....shock!

#10 カメレオンアーミー Chameleon Army '78. Click on any of the above links to hear the songs! (Last few lines: They're almost here! Chameleon!...Coming out, hiding, very changeable...covered with sequins, Chameleon Army!)

Let's end with the gals sailing through "In the Navy"!

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