In a Barbie World.

Happy Birthday to Barbie! Back in '59, Barbara Millicent "Barbie" Roberts was first created by businesswoman Ruth Handler, and the doll's design was stolen from (...oops) inspired by a German doll called Bild Lilli. My sister had several dolls over the years and, of course, having 3 older brothers meant that her dolls were tortured on a regular basis. Just like the original Japanese sweatshop seamstresses, my mother used to design and make clothing for Barbies & GI Joes which she would then sell at Church Bazaars. Good thing Mattel never found out or she'd have faced a lawsuit.

Speaking of dolls, I spent the afternoon at my pal Akari's parents' place who were showing off their annual Hina Matsuri display. We had a great potluck lunch and chatted about stuff, including Barbie (the inspiration for this post.)

This archer is my favourite.

In addition to her dozen dolls, she had a display of her niece's dolls whose collection is just starting to be built up.

They think that this very creepy doll is possessed because its hair continues to grow. I doubt the veracity of their claim.

They have a very cool collection of 小芥子 (Kokeshi) dolls too.

I was given a few goodies as farewell presents, including these cards from Subarudo.

Sort of a cross between paper dolls and cosplay, they are surprisingly cute.

Finally, I'll leave you with another lawsuit inspired hit from Aqua...

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