Rocketeer to the Rescue...

I first read about the untimely demise of artist extraordinaire, Dave Stevens this morning, but I wanted to go home and copy this metal sign before I mentioned anything. I wish I could find my Kubrick figure! My favourite Rocketeer memory would be travelling through the States on a camping trip with buddy Bob and hitting all the Burger Kings in order to collect all the toys. They weren't available at Canadian outlets and it was my only source for these goodies.

I was first introduced to his work with Alien Worlds & Starslayer, way back before The Rocketeer, but it was that movie that reintroduced me to Bettie Page and added to my Jennifer Connelly obsession. Back home in Canada, I have all sorts of Stevens paraphernalia from trading cards to comics plus those aforementioned BK toys.

Here's a Japanese connection for you. He did the storyboards for The Godzilla Power Hour. The show wasn't all that great (C'mon...Godzooky!) but the art was good!

Ah, Mr. Stevens, you will be sorely missed.

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