Tempus Fugit When You're Having Fun.

Actually, I'm not having all that much fun lately but tempus has definitely fugit. It has been 2 years since I started this illustrious missive of the blogosphere. I know it is tradition to put up a best of entry, but I kind of screwed up last New Year's Eve and put up my best of then. Please bask in 2007's entries for now. As for the current year, I'd choose either coins, Moomin or my Haggis recipe for January.

For the intelligencia among you (and that's a going to be a minority if you're reading this blog), I'd urge you to review my Ran rant, smoking clean or for pure unadulterated silliness with a bit of edjumacation thrown in, go for crackers.

Not much in March of note and besides, you can always just scroll down the page yourselves you lazy SOBs. But if your scrolling digit is inoperative, try Barbicide, Santa's adventures by Baum or my personal favourite, In the Pink.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a wacky April Fool's extravaganza!

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