Energy Equals Mass X the Speed of Sound Squared.

Do I sound Einsteinian there? Today is Π Day but because it's also Einstein's birthday, modern Physicists are promoting today as "Talk Like a Physicist Day" (in the vein of "Talk Like a Pirate Day.") My favourite physicist blogs on the Twisted Physics site and makes this particular science comprehensible even to me. I first read of the concept of "Talking like a Physicist" here and I think it's a great idea (but not so simple a task for we simple-minded folk.)

So while you're chowing down on your PIe today, remember:
Physicists do it Relatively more often! (Click on that link for some much better Physics-isms.)

Oh yeah, it's also White Day today, the follow-up to Valentine's Day. Since I didn't get any loot last month, I don't have to give any out today!

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