Come to the Cabaret.

I put on a bit of a song and dance tonight and managed to land a part-time job. Honestly, they asked me to do a trial lesson to base whether or not I was worthy of teaching them and the lesson they asked me to give was on musical tastes. So I wowed them with my floorshow. I didn't actually dance or sing (much) but the director said that I was the first teacher at the school who is funny. I asked her if that was a good thing, and she assented.

So I'm now halfway to being employed, so with this and a few pick up gigs, I should be back to full-time status. In other good news, I found a couple more new KitKats. First up are some Strawberry Petits which are so tiny, they are hardly worth biting into. Furthermore, isn't half the enjoyment of a KitKat breaking it in two?

Another style of the 緑茶 (ryokucha or green tea) version that tastes better than the last one I had, perhaps it's the colour? Somehow I don't think it'll replace the Tea Ceremony anytime soon.

Check out the latest commercial.

Willkommen to the KitKat Klub:

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