While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Dangitall, we lose another great. I'd seen Jeff Healey several times in Toronto, playing at his club, Healey's or C'est What and was always enthralled. I'm pretty sure I first saw him at The Birds Nest, located upstairs at Chicago's Diner on Queen Street. (This picture is of a waitress at Healey's named Opal.)

He also had the greatest jazz collection of anyone in TO and played them on his own CBC radio show, My Kind of Jazz every weekend. My favourite memory of JH was watching him perform and between tunes, someone snapped his picture. Though he couldn't see the flash, he heard the whir of the camera and bowed to the photographer acknowledging the snap. I then heard a few people whispering, "I thought he was blind!"

R.I.P. Jeff.

Next month sees the release of "Mess of Blues", his first "Rockin Blues" album in 8 years; I definitely need to check that one out.

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