Keep An Eye Out!

I'm sure these cool little toys will be all the rage soon. 内蔵 (nai-zo) are internal organs that you can スクィーズ (suku-i-zu or squeeze) and they give them catchy names too!

Squeezy & Queasy keychains for those close to your heart (はぁと haa-to or 心臓 shinzo). If you can stomach (胃 i, pronounced E) it, that is. Liver (肝臓 kanZO) let die! I only have eyes (目 me, pronounced may) for you. Hi, nice set of lungs (肺 hai, pronounced HI). I'm pooped (I can't figure out this kanji, but I'm guessing poop-chute)! My brain (脳 no) hurts!

You really need a lot of guts to get these!

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