Spring in My Step.

Today is a treat for me; it's the first day of Spring which means that it's a National Holiday called 春分の日 (shunbun no hi). Since I'm not working at either of my jobs and there's nothing open for me to go flog a resume at, I can chill all day and do some Spring Cleaning.

But before I go there, here are some Springy Comics courtesy of the Grand Comics Database:

Let's start off with Veronica showing off her new kimono.

Our favourite Alien Life Form enjoying a spring up the backside.

Walt Kelly is more famous for Pogo but I like these magic mushrooms.

Of course Spring is the time for birds & bees and others to make whoopee.

The funniest Lobo cover ever with an appropriately placed barcode.

I only really like the original Gold Key version of Turok, but there were no Spring break issues. (That link'll take you to a Preview of an Animated feature.)

Jo-Joy was a man who thought he was a loner.

This cartoon features Coil Man who can spring into action. The Impossibles are known as the
(Super-Three) and that link'll take you to an awesome YouTube of their theme in Japanese.

Not technically spring-oriented, but each of those guys has spring-like stretchy powers.

Finally it is also Earth Day today.

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