Dropping the Baumshell.

Since I can't afford to buy the book (not to mention the fact that I've been unable to locate it), I popped into the library and, lo and behold, successfully grabbed a copy of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. Unfortunately, it is not a reproduction of the anime, but a translation of the novel itself. Fortunately, there are a few pictures throughout and I now present them for you. This is, of course, the front cover.

Up next is the first page and I'm sorry, I'm not going to translate it for you. I have too much on my plate right now to take the time, but as I'd mentioned before, you can always go to Gutenberg.

This little lady must be the protaganist, Mary. (from Chapter 2)

A Cougar, a Chipmunk & a Mouse. (from Chapter 10)

I'm guessing a princess. (from Chapter 14)

The most depressed reindeer I've ever seen, an angrier reindeer (トナカイ or tonakai in Japanese), a flowery leopard, a chubby owl and a couple of sparrows. (from Chapter 15)

Santa as a boy? with a cat on his shoulder. (from Chapter 19)

Manto = Old man winter?. (from Chapter 20)

For purists, the copyright information of the book.

The back cover and also an interior picture from Chapter 8.

I managed to write out the Chapter headings. If I get around to it, I'll translate them.
1. バージーの森 ba-ji no mori
2. 森の子ども mori no kodomo
3. 養子縁組 youshi engumi
4. クロース kuro-su
5. 森の支配者 mori no shihaisha
6. クロース、人類をみつける kuro-su jinrui o mitsukeru
7. クロース、森をはなれる kuro-su mori o hanareru
8. 笑いの谷 warai no tani
9. クロース、はじめておもちゃをつくる kuro-su, hajimete omocha o tsukuru
10. リル、おもちゃに色を塗る riru, omocha niiru o nuru
11. メイリーこわがる meiri-, kowagaru
12. ベシーブライスサム、笑いの谷にやってくる betshi-buraisu samu
13. オグーワのいじわる o-guwa no ijireru
14. 善と悪戦争 zen to aku no daisensou
15. トナカイとのはじめての旅 tonakai to nohajimete no tabi
16. “サンタクローズ” santa kuro-su
17. クリスマスイブ kurisumasu ibu
18. エントツのそばにはじめて靴下が吊るされる entotsu no sobako hajimete kutsu-shitaga tsurukireru
19. 最初のクリスマス・ツリー saisho no kurisumas shiri
20. 不滅のマント fumetsu no manto
21. 世界が年をとったとき sekai ga toshi o totta toki
22. サンタクロースの代理人たち santa kurosu no dairikon-tachi


Anonymous said...

where can i watch this series again the life and adventures of santa claus.. i want to bring back of my childhood memories. i forgot the whole story . . land_do2000@y.c

Devonaire Macaraeg said...

..where can i download the japanese version of the story??
did u manage to find the full episodes??

Michael Jones said...

Unfortunately, I have never found the book nor videos in the used shops. I am NO expert in downloading, so your best bet is to google it. You may have better luck if you use the Japanese title, 少年サンタの大冒険 .


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