Something Bugs Me About This!

I'm taking a break from Job hunting on the Net and came across this hypochondriac's worst nightmare, BoingBoing a 16th Century Medical Book. This article from Pink Tentacle has a good annotated English version, but for the purists amongst you, go straight to the source and read it in Japanese. (Pictured here is 亀積 かめしゃく (Kameshaku, literally "Angered Turtle") who eats rice and wears an umbrella-like hat that blocks medicine. It can be destroyed by eating wild beans.

腰の虫 こしのむし (Koshi no mushi, literally "Back Bug") is my favourite drawing and I suspect I suffer from the affliction. It flies into a host's body and makes its way to the lower back area, where it causes diarrhea, sweating and chest pains. The herbs mokko and kanzo (licorice root) are an effective treatment.

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