All That Glitters Is Not Gold Key.

The top 10 (or more) spooky Gold Key covers of Star Trek.

Sexy Sirens Sing while Spock Shoots.

Startling Stegosaurus Scorns Kirk's Sanity!

Furies Infuriate Female Form.

Wacky Wizard Wrestles Vessel!

Who Do Voodoo, Do You?

Trippy Tales of Tantalizing Tension!

Terrifying Triffids Taste-Test Tart! (But in order for plants to cannibalistic, don't they have to eat other plants, not humans?)

Pike-headed Pirates Plague Personnel.

Flowery Foreheaded Fiends Frighten Friends!

Maniacal Mummies Maraud Men.

Ethereal Elder and Energy Entities Engender Eerieness!

Triceratopian-Teddy Terrifies Teen!

Shatner Savagely Slays Serpent.

Chrystalline Creature Creates Crisis!

Aliens Attack Animal-people & Spock Acquires Alien Action, Awesome!

Ghostly Gal Gets Guys all Glowy!

Scotty Scratched by Scrawny Soaring Spawn!

Cyclops Snares Star Trek Staff!

UPDATE: I just noticed that all my captions were mixed up. We apologize for the inconvenience but the alliterative headlines have been corrected. (Frick'n Blogspot has changed the order of uploading its pictures so that everything has been reversed. I hope I don't have to check every post!)

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