Claude Reigns!

I've been searching for the main part of my Halloween costume, which due to financial restraints, timing & lack of originality on my part, will have to be a recycled one from a few years back. I'll add a few tidbits to it, so you'll just have to wait and see for the finished result.

But while digging through boxes, I discovered a trove of Kubricks! One may recall way back here that I had nearly completed my set of Universal Monsters. Well, I'm one step closer. For the Bride has been unveiled! Elsa Lancester has never looked lovelier (a difficult task since she is anything but lovely.) In The Bride of Frankenstein, she played the author, Mary Shelley, as well as the Monster's betrothed.

She also came along with a reproduction of Victor Von Frankenstein's original work bench! (Click that link to hear the Doc's most famous line.)

In addition I found a couple of the original boxes they'd come in. Series 1 exclaims, "Welcome! Universal Monsters Rock'n Roll Show!!" It reminds me of the awesome Pinball machine, Monster Bash!

Series 2 is not as nostalgic for it relates, "If monsters haunt you, you're not alone..."

Here is the lineup for your perusal, but alas the characters on the right, Dr. Frankenstein & The Mole People were the rarest of the lot (frequency: 2/24) and it's pretty expensive to track them down. Some day...

I noticed that I had several doubles including 2 of my post's title actor, The Invisible Man. If you'd like any, put in your orders now!

More goodies tomorrow!

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