Popeye Meets Pocky!

Many moons ago (about 300 moons!), I worked in the mailroom of a Marketing Firm in downtown Toronto & on lunch hours (extended of course), we'd partake of fast food in whatever locale offered the best Happy Meal-clone. One month, Popeye's had rather appropriately, Popeye erasers. It took several trips down to the Eaton Centre to get the set, but I eventually did. As you can see, they are not in pristine condition, but not bad for 25 years old.

First up, we have Poopdeck Pappy & his Spinach chomping son, Popeye.

The skinniest woman alive, Olive Oyl & Swee'Pea.

Wimpy (maybe I should go as him for Halloween, I have the physique) & Bluto.

Since there isn't yet a Spinach-flavoured Pocky on the market, we'll have to settle for Pumpkin! I had it last year, and though I usually can't abide the taste of Japanese
カボチャ (kabocha), I quite like it when covering a pretzel stick!

Here is his debut in a Betty Boop cartoon!!

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