Maid To Order!

I'm not sure what the fascination with Maids is in this here country, but I too have jumped on the band wagon both here and in Toronto.

Thanks to my UFO-Catch addiction, here are a few more examples of my otaku-ness...

First up, a couple of green-haired gals.

Some assembly required...

Not sure why I bothered trying to catch these. They aren't particularly cute, they're actually pretty hideous!

On occasion, I come across a some easy-to-catch costumes: I can think of a few of my more feminine pals that I'd like to see adorn this outfit, but...

If I could only squeeze into one of these, I could be the chubbiest Maid on Halloween night!

If Maids aren't Halloweeny enough for you, I highly recommend you view the following:

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