Groovy, Baby!

I don't ever recall seeing Groovie Goolies and I was as big a Hanna Barbera fan as they get. I suspect it came out just as I was entering High School and after being disappointed with several Scooby Doo clones, I'd given up. But how could one not like a show about classic Universal Monsters playing lame Rock Music? Tell me if you recall this:

Now that I've put you through that, check out this unembeddable link to the Japanese version of the song. The song still sucks, but it does sound groovier!

ps. The Punk band, Groovie Ghoulies took their name from this show. If the toon had used their music, I might have watched it...

pps. This will be the first in a daily series of Halloween posts between now and the 31st. Now that's scary!

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