Happy Mothra's Day!

Paint With Water!

Hey Kids! Spiff up your Halloween party with these nifty prints of Mothra and his circle of friends and enemies.

Check with mom or pop to get the full scoop on what to do (it helps if they can read Japanese.) Near as I can ascertain, dip your paintbrush in water and then paint over the picture. The colours then come out more vibrantly! Hours of enjoyment awaits!

We start off with our favourite Lepidopteran Leviathan flitting over the ocean.

It's our two favourite フェアリー (fairies), モル and ロラ (Moru and Rora) hitching a ride. Read more about the Peanuts twins here.

Oh no, it's the dreaded ベルベラ (Berubera) astride the ガルガル (Garugaru)!

デスギドラ (Desu-Gidorah=Death-Gidorah) pops by to menace our friends.

Fortunately our Fairies sing a tune and summon Mothra.

A battle ensues but fortunately there's a 幼虫 (yo-chu=larval-Mothra) to help out by spraying webbing over our foe.

Obviously our pals won that battle, for now we switch to a new storyline where モスラ/Mosura grooms
ゴジラ/Gojira in モスラの名簿面 (Mosura no Meibomen).

One of my all-time favourite battles is Godzilla vs. a couple of Caterpillars. The one biting his tail is so awesome!

Now that's what I'm talking about! キングギドラ (King Ghiddorah) gets in a few shots against the Big G while ラドン (Radon) and a Slug look on. (Aside: the Japanese originally called this Pteradonish creature Radon but he was renamed Rodan for the American dubbing. I certainly hope Auguste Rodin wasn't offended!)

It's been awhile since I saw the movie, so somehow King Ghiddorah disappeared and lo and behold, Evil-twin バトラ (Battra) battles our newly partnered up duo.

Our story ends with Mothra and a sparkly Fairy-Mothra flying off towards Monster Island.

I'll leave you with a compilation of the Peanuts in action...

This was first published way back on Oct. 15, 2008. I've revised it a bit to eliminate a couple of defunct YouTubes and  here is the latest addition to my monster menagerie.

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