Toppo The World, Ma!

Picked up a Pocky-clone that I've never had before. Toppo is a Lotte brand of Pretzel sticks filled with Chocolate. I got this due to it's Halloween theme (and because it was on sale.) Pretty tasty concoction.

The back of the box has a トッポちゃんはどこ? (à la Where's Waldo) -type game.

First you need to find out who Toppo-chan is and you'd do well to visit their website. Here you'll find a Mom & Pop pretzel Stick family with their little kid Stick and a dog (that's not a stick.) To get a bit of background, I suggest you check out their little anime vignettes showing the foibles of the Toppo-Stick family. You can further enjoy their antics by viewing the photos taken on their Happy Weekend excursion to an onsen & while Leaf Peeping. If you're as fascinated with them as I am, you may want to buy some of their goods at the TOPPO Museum of Art.

Oh, and in case you're wondering where Toppo-chan is hiding, you'd be wise to scrutinize the chandelier.

Made it Ma! Top of the world!!

I love over the top (of the world) Cagney in that clip!

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