Picnic Pics.

My work-mates, a few students & myself enjoyed the fine fall weather by chowing down on some fried meat & potato soup. I was expecting to be hanging out near a river, but this particular park only sported a pond and we were nowhere near it so I don't think we can formally call it an 芋煮会 (imonikai.) But as you can see, there were quite a few people with the same idea.

My primary duty was maintaining the flame Quest For Fire-style on both barbeques. This bbq was home to a long boiling stew/soup that included potatoes, onions, pork and a whole bunch of ingredients whose names I don't know.

BBQ 2 was used for frying up a ton of meat (beef & pork) and several veggies including カバジ, カボチャ, アスパラ, ネギ & ピマ (cabbage, pumpkin, asparagus, onions & green peppers.)

Soups on!

Our neighbours which appeared to be about 100 hippies engaged in a marathon of wacky sports such as a three-legged race, a sit-on-a-balloon relay and an en masse-jump rope.

Two examples of arachnid amazement!

En route home, I convinced a trio of Yosakoi dancers to join me in a photo.

I watched a few other groups before going home and here they are:

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