Kewpie Dolls...

I'm convinced that there are a few things that are sending us to Hell in a Handbasket and Kewpie dolls are near the top of the list. I'm not sure where the term キュージョン (kyu-jon) comes from but it has something to do with these Hell-dolls.

There are several examples of where these Kewpies meld with other characters (eg. Devilman) but the worst has to be...


On the side of this box, you can acquire GeGeGe himself, Rat-baby, Cat-baby or BaBa-baby. All very creepy!

On the other side of the box, you will see Wall-baby, Old-man-baby or Flying Carpet-baby.

And then there is the mystery character which I was lucky enough to acquire: 目玉のおやじ or Medame-oyaji-baby which is a Kewpie doll with a freaking huge eyeball on its forehead! Awesomely horrible!

All that being said, if it were made available as a Halloween costume, I'd wear it in a minute!

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happymaths said...

Sweet. The Medama one looks the coolest in my opinion.

I have the Kitaro one. :)

I also had another one of these Kewpie crossbreeds too. It was of sponge material and it was the Kitaro with gray hair.
But he lost his body later on. :(


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