How Ryu Doing?

Upon arrival to the third floor, one is immediately taken aback by a wall of fan-drawn tributes.

There are several display cases with the rarer more expensive manga as well as some illustrated plates. Very sweet!

In my journey through the stacks of books, I came across the coolest manga called 原始少年リュウ (Ryu Genshi Shonen = Ryu the Primitive Boy) and I snapped a few Dino-pics of the manga. I will definitely try to track this baby down!

Dynamic Dinosaur Dioramas!

Ryu sure got into a lot of different predicaments and by the last issue, (SPOILER ALERT) he met a Yeti, got it on with his lady, began evolving and then ended up as a foetus floating in space: 2001-style!

They also had a collection of the anime so I sat and watched a few episodes for about 30 minutes. This is one library worth going back to!


This is another book I'll seek out. MEOW!

Those who know me, know I don't have an artistic bone in my body. But I am able to trace!

Of course a trip to a museum would not be complete without visiting the gift shop and I hastened my way there. Hoping all the Gegege goodies would be on sale (being the last day and all), I was alas disappointed. I did purchase a few items including: some yummy Gegege cookies that got distributed to all my work-mates.

Some Soda-flavoured Sea Candy featuring Kikaider. These are being given to my favourite students, when I remember to do so.

A very awesome mug featuring 一反木綿 (Ittan Momen or "Roll of Cotton") which will probably go to Mokugohan for his upcoming birthday. (Oh damn, I just let the neko out of the bag!)

For me, I picked up a classy black dress shirt with a certain nerdy design on the back.

On my way out, I couldn't resist a photo of a hot cos-playing employee!

Walking back to the station, I took a leisurely stroll through the busy metropolis (it was so dead, I expected to see sagebrush rolling by to the tune of crickets!) Fighting my way through the bustling crowds, I managed to snap a few more picks of some of the sculptures astride marble benches & mail boxes.

To end my trip, I clicked 2 pics of Shotaro Ishinomori that adorned the train platform wall!

I can't wait to visit the Gegege, Godzilla, Atomu, Ghibli, et cetera Museums next!

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