I'm not referring to the Roman Polanski movie, but rather to the method that Tony Stark uses to power his Iron Man suit. Finally Iron Man has made it to this side of the pond and it was well worth the wait. I know that it has been written about ad nauseum Stateside and is due for DVD release this month, so my comments shall be brief.

It was great. A trio of tittering twits (Alex, Derek & myself) watched it last night in the company of about 50 Japanese comic fans, but they were strangely silent. Perhaps though they were just drowned out by our squeals of glee during the flick. Though I was first to notice director Jon Favreau, I didn't know his character was Happy Hogan, for neglecting Happy was my only criticism of the movie!
(Btw, you may remember this cover from this post.

Squished in the corner is the only picture I have of Iron Man here in Japan!)

Lots of fun so go see it, buy it, steal it or illegally download it! (I don't condone the last two suggestions!

My one disappointment is that I missed the use of this song as a ringtone! Now I have to go watch it again...

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