Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Man!

ヤッターマン or Yatterman is an anime series from the late 70's. I think it made its way to Canada, but I don't ever recall watching it. Apparently there was a revival last January which may explain all the merchandise hitting the streets (ie. UFO Catchers & conbini) such as this figure that I won a few weeks back.

I never saw these in the conbini, but I did snag them from my local Yamaya (foreign foods, etc.) and fortunately at a discount! They are these funky "wiggle-vision" images that change character when you move them (sorry, I can't adequately capture the other image.)

When I was in an Ishinomaki candy shop, I picked up this package of melon-flavoured crystal meth that dissolves in water to give you a bubbly concoction (Note: may not actually be meth.)

There's a live action movie coming out next year directed by Takashi Miike who directed the uber-cool 妖怪大戦争, (Yokai daisenso or The Great Yokai War) so I know it'll be in good hands.

This should keep you occupied until it's released...

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