I thought I'd wax eloquently about the new Prez but there are others who are better equipped to do so (this guy for example.) Suffice to say, I'm happy. I discovered a book of his speeches that have been translated into Japanese from which I plan to scam some lessons. I've already used a lesson on BUSHISMS and how my students can become smarter than a US President, it'll be nice to talk about an intelligent President for a change.
(btw, I scammed this photo of the Inauguration from Popular Science!)

While overhearing some 10-year olds talk about Barack/Balack and not sure if they were praising him or making fun of him, the song Barracuda by Heart popped into my head and I will be surprised if this tune doesn't get more airplay now.

Then while cruising the YouTube for the above tune, I came across this jivey/funky/wacky tune by 羽鳥 美保 (Miho Hatori) also called Barracuda.

She belongs to a group called Cibo Matto (with some guy named Sean Ono Lennon who have a cool-sounding tune called SciFi Wasabi but you can listen to it yourself and decide if it is cool or not...

I've decided that I don't particularly care for it.

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I made it
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