'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

And we ate Surf & Turf! Aiding us in our meal were a couple of Star Wars Bearbricks:

Wicket the Ewok taste tests the steak...just right!

Yoda is trying to have his way with a lobster!

When Chewbacca went looking for love, he got caught!

Here I am enacting that scene from Splash where Darryl Hannah chows down on a crustacean.

Christmas morning was spent with Phil & Dawn. I watched while they opened tons of presents. Fortunately they felt sorry for me and handed me the gifts to the dog for me to open. This kept me very busy for Honey had more presents than anyone!

I did get a couple of books, definitely not what I would have chosen but Santa is trying to broaden my horizons.

A Yule Log (also a source of innumerable bad puns) became an impromptu Birthday Cake for me!

Don me now my gay apparal (my silly hat), I took to blowing out the candles.

The coolest gifts under the tree were the Leo Tolstoy Finger Puppet Fridge Magnet (no home should be without one) for Dawn

and a pair of Penguin boxers that needed water to maximize their wearability for Phil.

I gave them some true Japanesy goods. A Hello Kitty brand Curling Iron & a Hello Kitty brand Gymbag.

More Canadian updates as the week progresses...

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